The log for database “dbname” is not available

Today, there was a log backup failure on SQL Server.  When I started looking at the SQL Server logs, I found the following error: “The log for database ‘dbname’ is not available. Check the event for related error messages. Resolve any errors and restart the database.  Error: 9001, Severity: 21, State:1.” I ran the sys.master_files view to make sure it had the correct physical name associated to the database but all looked just fine. At that point, my first thought was to run the DBCC CHECKDB command to look for corruption but I immediately received the same error. I decided to detach and attach the database but I was not successful. The last option I had was to set the database offline and bring it online which was the final solution to this issue. When bringing the database online, it recovered the database and rolled transactions forward.

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